UEFA has today confirmed that all its club competitions are postponed until further notice after originally declaring two weeks ago, they’d look to get things done and dusted by the end of June.

We’re waiting on a full list of actions from today’s meeting with the 55 associations but right now we have this message from the governing body.

As we say, this is a major turn around but the correct decision considering how the pandemic has spread across Europe.

The postponement of the registration of any players another move by UEFA to stop any players from moving to another club in the interim if their contract happens to run out.

Basically, they have indefinitely postponed the start of next season until this season has had its resolution.

The social media feed also let us know the June deadline for international games being played has also been scrapped.

This should never have been on the table, we knew what was going on two weeks ago but maybe some were in denial.

Right now, we’re all looking for decisions to be made for the good of the game and the livelihood of thousands but we’re no closer to that at the moment.


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