Celtic were fined €15k by UEFA early on Tuesday for failing to kick-off their Copenhagen tie on time during their Europa League last 32 tie.

Europe’s governing body censured Neil Lennon for the players delaying kick off and stuck to the the letter of the law even during these uncertain times.

RecordSport have been briefed by the club on the fine and they’ve also claimed Celtic have been warned ‘oversized manufacturer identification’.

This relates to the club’s kit and apparently the New Balance logo. Talk about tedious charges! RecordSport wrote:

‘Celtic were also warned by UEFA over their kit in the return leg in Glasgow a week later.

‘The Parkhead club were charged for ‘oversized manufacturer identification’ – which goes against UEFA’s equipment regulations.

‘There was no fine dished out though, with warning instead over future conduct and they could be punished in future if they repeat the offence.’

UEFA have continued to dish out fines during the football shutdown and press on with the paper work and time involved in this.

There’s a big meeting between UEFA and the 55 associations on Wednesday where more information could be given on the layout of this and next season.

RecordSport say the club will not contest any of the charges and will move on from here.

There’s very little hope of chasing UEFA over this latest fine.


  1. UEFA dont show Celtic much leniency these days-a consequence of the ridiculous number of fines we have accumulated over the years as a result of the GB self-indulgent attention seeking banners and provocative chants-club will continue to pay the price until they address this


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