UEFA has issued a statement, providing fans with an update on whether away supporters will be able to travel to the up-and-coming qualifiers next month.

This afternoon, Celtic were drawn in the 2nd qualifying round against Danish side FC Midtjylland and whilst it hasn’t been a question on many people’s lips over the past year, some fans may have been asking whether or not it would be possible to attend these fixtures as away supporters.

However, in a UEFA statement issued to fans of Northern Irish side Larne, who will be competing in the UEFA Conference League qualifiers, they confirmed that away fans would be banned from attending these fixtures.

They said: “We remind you that in case UEFA matches are staged with spectators, all clubs must respect the UEFA Minimum Health & Hygiene Requirements for the Return of Spectators v2.

“The decision on the number of permitted spectators falls under the responsibility of the relevant competent local/national authorities.

“Please note that in view of the ongoing travel restrictions and in order to minimise COVID-19 related risks, the UEFA Executive Committee decided as well to not allow visiting fans to attend UEFA club competition matches and not to apply the 5% rule for visiting supporters for all 2021/22 qualifying phase and play-offs matches.

“No spectators are allowed for matches played in neutral venues.”

Whilst this might be a blow to some who were hoping to get an early European away trip this summer, it has been over a year since we have seen supporters in the majority of grounds. So, to see fans of any kind within grounds will be a huge boost.

Celtic fans will be looking forward to their return to Parkhead, in which the Danish side are set to visit on either the 20th/21st of July.


  1. Are we still intent on persisting with the scaremongering and resulting conformity with regards an intentionally released virus no worse than a mild flu and as yet still not isolated? How long shall the people tolerate this corporate attack on our inalienable rights as citizens of our planet? Mr Bill Gates has assured us there will be another plandemic in the near future such is his acute knowledge of that which is ‘supposedly’ unknown! For how long does one suffer in silence?

  2. Guaranteed theres always one of you uneducated clowns to tell us all how its all a lie & a conspiracy.

    If its all the same with you, I prefer to take my advice from the medical experts, thanks


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