UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin latest correspondence with the press is as uncertain as it gets if you’re a football fan.

UEFA have told clubs to get their leagues done by the end of June but it looked less than practical at the time when they announced this, it looks even sillier now.

With so much to sort out, everyone is looking to UEFA for guidance. The president confirms there are many plans they can go to BUT most of them end with the June deadline.

Then it becomes a case of the season not finishing, as he puts it.

He then goes on to explain the end of this season being played just before the start of any new season with little gap in between the two. Talk about putting the games behind closed doors is also looking like an option UEFA could turn to.

Ceferin told Dale Johnson of ESPN: “There is a plan A, B and C. We can start in May, in June or the end of June. If we can’t do it on any of those then the season probably won’t finish.

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“There is the possibility to finish the season at the start of next season, with next season starting a little late. It would have to work with respect to the players and the signing periods.

“We will see what the best solutions for the different leagues and clubs are. It’s difficult to imagine all the games behind closed doors, but now we don’t even know if we will resume, with or without spectators.

“If there are no other alternatives, it would still be better to conclude the championships. I can say that I don’t think about the European finals behind closed doors. We are in contact with the leagues, the clubs, there’s a working group. We have to wait.”

Somebody needs to take the lead in the footballing world, to try and make sense of where to go from here.


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