CELTIC have gone so long without major streams of revenue. Apart from season ticket holders propping the club up without actually attending the game – Celtic have had very little income.

As crowds return, the Hoops are in a great position to start bringing in revenue. European football also aids us in that goal. Celtic are booked in against AZ Alkmaar in a battle for the group stage of the Second tier UEFA competition – if they do manage to get past the dutch side. Here’s the money on offer as quoted by Agent Scotland.

  • Group Stage: €3.63m
  • Per win: €630k
  • Per draw: €210k
  • 1st place: €1.1m
  • 2nd place: €550k

If Celtic were to fail against Alkmaar and drop to the inaugural conference league, here’s the kind of money they could expect to earn.

Conference League:

  • Group Stage: €2,94m
  • Per win: €500k
  • Per draw: €166k
  • 1st place: €650k
  • 2nd place: €325k

These are just the UEFA prize money the club can expect to get and doesn’t take into account the gate money the club would get from at least three home games in the competition.

There’s an appetite for Celtic fans to soak up as many games as they can at the moment. After being starved of going to the football for so long – the novelty of being at the game will remain in the short term.

For Celtic, it’s about using the money they do earn to help modernise the club and make sure they’re in a great position to really challenge for Champions league football in the future.

If we aim to be a Champions League team, it will certainly help us domestically.


  1. You have forgotten about sponsor money, TV money etc

    And, Celtic gave us TV access to home games and it was the Govt who (correctly) locked us out due to the pandemic. I spent my £50 voucher refund on my season ticket last night which was a nice gesture by Celtic, but dont expect a banner from the churlish green brigade.

    My eyes are very dry.


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