If there wasn’t enough incentive already for Celtic to make it to the Champions League – UEFA has just raised the financial stakes further.

The news coming out of UEFA headquarters is the Champions League revenue passed onto clubs will increase by 50% from next season onwards.

The way UEFA plan to distribute this cash means Celtic could earn a cool £40million for reaching the group stages next term.

The club could even earn more if they put some victories on the board and get increased win bonuses with £2.36million for a win and just under £800,000 for a draw.

Celtic can take nothing for granted though and have four qualifiers to play to reach Europes premier competition.

Celtic have benefitted greatly from participating in the Champions League the past two seasons and will look to defy the odds to get their again.

Should Brendan Rodgers and his men manage the feat, it will land the club it’s biggest ever European purse.

Now there’s something to think about.

Celtic will soon learn their first round opponents with the games taking place mid-July.

Credit: EveningTimes


  1. Only Team in Scotland that carries Scottish Football Every Single Season.Every Premier Club gains monies through our participation in the CL.Our successes are through Honesty and Fairness Our Magic Team produces on the Pitch.We let our football do our Talking.No secret five way agreements and Dodgy handshake deals with the Hun Corrupt SFA.Bout time those old coals were dragged over for the greater good of our game,And weed out the Kabal that lets and allows criminals to prosper with there (Entitlements)Until Then,Scottish Football is Doomed…..And Its Gone On Way way way too long.Things need sorting and Sorting Good.


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