UEFA have today handed down another fine to Celtic for illicit banners during the home tie against Lazio in October.

The governing body have slapped Celtic with a €15k fine after supporters displayed anti-fascist banners against the Italian club on match day three of the Europa League.

Celtic have already been fined this term for use of flares at a home tie and crowd disruption at AIK away.

The amount of fines will be concerning to the Celtic board but you won’t see anyone on this site calling for action against any of the support who clearly displayed anti-fascist banners to a fanbase who had been seen brandishing Nazi salutes in and out of the stadium.

BBC confirmed the fine and Celtic have yet to comment.

Some fans get their back up about being fined for silly reason but in this case, UEFA look silly for handing down the fine considering the message Celtic fans were sending.

Lazio were also fines for illicit chanting during the tie.


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