It has long been said that Celtic are a massive club but when it comes to TV money the club just can’t compete with even the smaller clubs in the EPL.

Nothing brings this more into sharp focus than the graphs below.

The top graph lists Celtic by ALL revenue brought in compared to all other British clubs according to every sides last accounts.

The bhoys are wedged between Newcastle and Burnley and are way down the list.

Sunderland, Stoke and Crystal Palace miles ahead.

However, the second graph shows the income generated by clubs excluding TV income and when that comes into play you can see how much of a force Celtic are, hitting the top ten earners in the UK.

The club’s ability to generate cash from European football, player sales along with merchandising and sponsorships bring in money than former EPL Champions Leicester, Newcastle and Southampton to name a few.

It’s always been known but Celtic’s ability to generate revenue in a very poor market has been one of their greatest strengths in the modern day.

The club knows it’s vital going forward. Even Hearts and Hibs make more revenue than the likes of Cardiff City without TV money involved.

It shows you that while some football clubs may appear to be a ‘big deal’ – they fall short on generating much in the way of income apart from their huge TV paydays.

Maybe they would adapt like Scottish clubs have if they needed to, or maybe they would just cease to be important.


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