Steven Gerrard has realised in order to keep his job he needs to address his own mob rather than speaking about actual facts or football. He has lost all memory of things that he has said in the past.

From the atmosphere at Celtic Park or celebrating at opposition fans, Gerrard has completely forgotten who he used to be. To his credit, he has learned what mob rule is, just say anything anti-Celtic and facts don’t matter.

His latest bit food for the mob is that Celtic are “Playing The Victim Card”. He has completely forgotten about his outburst at the start of the season when said everyone was against Rangers.

Speaking with Record Sport the scouser moaned:

Gerrard said: “Neil Lennon will say what Neil Lennon wants to say. His assistant will say whatever he wants to say. “If they want to play the victim card, that’s up to them.

The ex-footballer did give permission for Celtic fans to celebrate though.

“Celtic are entitled to celebrate – the supporters, the club and the individual players. That’s fine. We haven’t got a problem with that at all. We’re on the end of it this time.


  1. What an embarrassment this guy is!
    They all seem to catch this disease at the Klan Dome.
    This will come back to haunt you Mr Gerrard and you seem to have lost all semblance of the person you once were. Your family must be very proud eh?

  2. If they have no problem with,our fans celebrations, why would the infirmary’s cancel all weekend leave. due to stabbings from rangers fans, who have no problems as if.

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