How many times have Celtic been given a bogus decision by the referee and when we have brought it up after the fact, they apologised?

Struggling? Yes, me too.

However, it appears as if John Beaton apologised to The Rangers and Steven Gerrard pretty quickly on Wednesday night for not giving the Ibrox club a penalty.

Gerrard who was raging at full time – said he went to speak to John after the game and the Whistler was disappointed he didn’t call the penalty against Morelos – I bet he was.

Considering the amount of penalties his side get – it must have been a shock to the system.

Celtic must get on with it after bad decisions and refs threaten to strike but the Ibrox club get apologies.

“It’s 100% a penalty. I’m surprised it’s not given as the referee is three yards away and looking right at it.” Gerrard exclaimed.

“He has seen it since and agrees it is a blatant penalty he has missed. I have to be very careful what I say, obviously, but I don’t think there will be a more disappointed person outside of Rangers tonight than John.

“He has just explained to me that he got it wrong, right in front of his eyes, and there is no excuse. There is nothing more I can say on it to be honest. Did he apologise? Yes. I went to see him.”

The Gers blew a two goal lead to go two points behind in the title race. The travelling support more disgruntled because they thought Celtic had also slipped up on the night – only for news to filter through that their best pal Scott Brown had won the game.


  1. GERRIE fae mersey has a point. Sometimes you get penaltys sometime you don’t. But they always level up during the season. Well Gerrie with the amount if soft and not penaltys. This is one of the one’s you needed, but was waved away. How will sevco ever catch Celtic when a VAR system is installed. Can you bribe a sentent being. Naw kin yae Fuc&. But hun eggheads are working on that quandry.

  2. Beatons,Pint at the Louden will be pissed in the Night.Wonder how it’ll pan out for Real Sevcolona.They need All the Help they can get and the Ifficials will make sure of it,Watch this Space.Only in Masonic Scotland

  3. Aye f*****g hee haw man same as brian rice moaning about a nothing challange from griff in the build up to our second but nothing about their equaliser when they took the throw in and the player was on the pitch when he threw it hypocrisy man unbelievable just goes to show you only see what you want to see rant over hail hail


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