The transfer window is well and truly over, and it’s back to normality! If there’s such a thing when it comes to Scottish Football; like the SFA handling a stonewall case of violent conduct, we’re unsure at this point.

There’s never a dull moment and to prove it, out pops former Ibrox player Lorenzo Amoruso, much like an RKO – outta nowhere (that will be our last wrestling reference, maybe) to tell us how good Celtic could be in the English Premier League.

*Limited Edition: Only 200 available.

The news works in cycles and the lull between transfer window sets in, you find yourself wondering – actually,  what does Lorenzo Amoruso think about Celtic’s chances are if they moved to the Premier League…

You really want to know, don’t you?!

Speaking to RecordSport about Celtic and the team currently emanating out of Ibrox not to be confused with the team the Italian once played for, he was confident that EPL snobbery would backfire in the faces of those who look down on Scottish football.

“Everyone knows they would both be incredibly successful because they have an incredible number of fans.

“Celtic would be fighting for the English Premier League title within two or three years because the money they would bring in from merchandise would be absolutely crazy.

“Rangers too.” the Italian quickly checked himself and included the Ibrox Cub.

“In my opinion, both clubs have unbelievable untapped potential.”

It’s an age-old argument which will never be answered. Celtic would slip in nicely to the EPL given the chance, but they would never be given the opportunity because clubs don’t want to give their slice of a massive money pie to anyone else.

Given the resources, name value and fan base – a Celtic in the Premier League is a scary prospect for some. They do their best to put us down, but when we continue to show we can give even the best of the EPL hell on a fraction of the budget, it only strengthens our case.

The last two games between Celtic and Manchester City both ended in stalemates. Strange that.


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