BRENDAN RODGERS has to field bizarre questions on a weekly basis at Celtic. Such is the complete lunacy of the media and some of the managers in this league, the Irishman must wonder what’s going on.

Today was no different, Brendan was asked about Craig Levein’s latest defamatory comments about his captain Scott Brown, and with a smile, Brendan put Levein back in his box.

Levein, earlier in the day suggested Scott Brown had intentionally got booked against Kilmarnock so he would receive his one-match ban against St Johnstone and not Rangers. Saying the Celtic star went out his way to get booked.

After initially laughing the comments off, BBC’s Chief sports reporter asked him if there was any truth to the accusation. Watch Brendan’s response as he challenges the reporters ‘disrespectful’ question.


  1. More nonsense from the muppet Chris mclaughlin get yourself ready for a million questions on are you going to Chelsea brendan? Just trying to unsettle our manager and players
    What a shower
    Hail Hail

  2. Typical in this twisted little country of ours. We all know the agenda. It is part of the establishment here. It is rooted in the late 17th Century onwards. McLaughlin is sailing very close to the wind. I find him and Levein creepy.

  3. I would ban wee knaffs like McLaughlin from Paradise. They are already banned at ibrokes, and we should do the same , when they ask questions in trying to bring our good name down to the gutter level of sevco! Bannish him and the BBC!

  4. Naive question to ask . But the real culprit here is levein, a very strange agenda. First with the smug and insensitive ‘natural order’ comments to Neil Lennon. A man who was viciously assaulted during a Hearts game. With no consequence. Now he’s hell bent on stirring up a storm around our captain. Maybe it’s a midlife crisis thing. One win against Celtic and they think they are Real Madrid. Rest of your games have ended in controversial last gasp goals. Calm yourself.


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