THIS SEASON, Greg Taylor has been immense. He’s one of the many players that have improved under Ange Postecoglou’s management.

After looking like he would never make it at Celtic after his move from Kilmarnock, he’s turned things around. The left-back position will probably see another player contest for the spot, but any incoming player will need to prove their worth, and why they deserve it more than the Scottish international.

Greg Tayor’s improvement this year hasn’t been by chance, it’s because the player is prepared to work hard and long to get better.

His former boss Lee Clark has given an insight into how the player works. [Daily Record]

“Exactly – him [Taylor] and Jordan Jones were pests! Nah, it’s great. You get a bit of pride when you see boys like Greg doing so well.

“Not too much, because it’s down to the players the success they go on to achieve, but you see players like Greg at Celtic and it gives you a lot of pride to think you might have played a little part.

“Greg is now playing in big European games, title deciders, Scottish Cup Finals, you name it. It’s brilliant and no doubt he’ll keep at it.”

Greg Taylor has seen many left-backs arrive at the club to take his position away from him, but no one has been successful.

If Greg Taylor does drop out of the team next season, it’ll be a shame for the player. He has given it his all this season and has progressed. But Ange will be ruthless, if a player is better he’ll start.

However, Clark believes that the Celtic player can shake off any competition that arrives at Parkhead this summer;

“The one thing he has is that real Scottish mentality – he never gives up.

“All that type of stuff, the criticism or doubts, that just makes him get on the training pitch and work even harder to achieve even more.

“I’ve seen it. He’s one of those players you need to drag off the training ground. He always wants to improve.

“He’s constantly asking managers and coaches to stay out and do extra work. I’ve got no doubt he’s been doing that. Even when it’s going well, he doesn’t rest on laurels. When things go against him, he sees it as a challenge.

“He’s passed every test with flying colours. He was out the team injured and got back in, even with lots of competition.

“Greg’s played a major part in the positive turnaround at Celtic. I can’t speak highly enough. He’s a Scotland international and everything he gets is well deserved.”


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