As we reported on last night, after Scott Sinclair scored his winner he ran behind the goals to get to the Celtic fans. On his way there he passed the Hearts fans and some tried to take a swipe at the player.

Celtic fans have been having their say on the issue, some think there was no real intent in what the fans done, while others feel this could have been an unsavoury incident if they had connected.

You can watch the clip here and make up your own mind.

A Celtic fan contacted Hearts and asked if there was any actions being taken at this point and here was his reply from Hearts security and safety manager Phil O’Kane:

I can confirm Hearts have been in contact with Police Scotland and this matter is now subject of a criminal investigation.  Hearts will work closely with the police and provide all relevant information to identify the culprits. The Club will also apply appropriate sanctions against those involved as this type of behaviour will never be tolerated at Tynecastle and such persons are not welcome at our ground.




  1. I should think so to! Two yobs tried to connect with Sinclair and some other cretin spat at him. If this hoops fans it would be splashed over the media. Something always happens at this cesspit.

    • I agree, that if this was celtic fans who did this then they would be in trouble and the club taken to task to yes they should be dealt with, after all it is the venom and you can see in his face he meant to hit the player. that is a total no no,, trying to stop all this not encourage it by letting them off scott free

      • I also agree that the club (celtic ) will have to deal with those ones that spoil a game by singing bigotry at a match, they can surely be found and banned, no room for such a carry on

  2. The problem is two fold; Hearts fans and the proximity of them to the playing area.

    Hearts fans have previous for attacking Celtic staff and cannot be trusted to behave like decent human beings. (Do any other fans in Britain attack opposing players and managers?)

    The proximity of them to the playing area makes the possibility of an attack on, particularly Celtic, players and staff a high risk of happening and of harm.

    The only way this risk can be removed is
    a) erecting a fence around the supporters area
    b) removing several tiers of seats immediately adjacent to the playing area
    c) both of the above

    Celtic has a duty of care to its staff and players and should be expressing serious concerns about this issue.

    Ann Budge, who appears to have an opinion on everything should be asked for her views on this.

    Something needs to be done before a player gets injured.

  3. The SMSM media portray this cesspit as having the best atmosphere in Scotland but in truth its den of bigotry.A horrible ground with equally horrible fans.

  4. Sadly there are some muppets who call themselves supporters at any club however, Sinclair should know better than to run up to the home support so is hardly blameless. Booked and rightly so. Something always happens at this “cesspit” mainly due to the singing of pro IRA songs and goading of opposition fans. Please do not try to defend your foul, antagonistic support. Sadly your “supporters” spit hatred and frankly offensive bile from the first whistle. Are your “supporters” incapable of singing positive songs about a football team rather than about some fanatical terrorist group? How very sad.

    • Since when was the IRA a terrorist group? They fought and died for their independence, which they eventually won. That is what we are singing about. Don’t compare the real heroes of the IRA with the Provos.

      Another thing, I am not john marshall, I am a retired English teacher, and would have used uppercase letters at the beginning of these names, so please get this sorted out.

  5. I agree that anyone caught trying to assault a players should be arrested and banned from matches.

    As should any Celtic fan wailing out pro-IRA filth as many were yesterday. Celtic have largely rooted out the animals from Parkhead. I’m not sure what they can do to rid their away support of these knuckle draggers.

  6. Stop trying to justify the actions of your animal fans. Swinecastle is a cess pit of hatred noted for cowardly attacks on rival players.

    No justification for it regardless of alleged or imagined provocation.

    It would also help if the club itself didn’t encourage a culture of cheating and thuggery among its players.

    If it takes forcing the Fearts to play behinf closed doors then so be it.

  7. I saw the incident as it happened. If the same happened at Paradise there would have been an uproar fae the HSFA and the Hunmedia.

  8. Celtic are their fans are the model that every club in the Scotland should aspire to.
    Tynecastle and sections of the home support are best described as vile.

  9. Sick of this vile club the have a long history of fans leaning over and trying to hit out at Celtic players and as for slating Celtic fans for singing sectarian songs hearts are one of the most bigoted clubs out there and don’t try deny it because it’s a fact constantly singing up sectarian songs fly red hand of Ulster flags etc so don’t try slate Celtic fans when your club are the vile scum

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