We can’t stress this enough this morning as we hear of the news coming out of Rome that bars were attacked and at least two Celtic fans have been injured.

However, an update from Alison Conroy from Clyde One reports both are stable in hospital after the unprovoked attack.

According to witnesses a group of Lazio fans came out of nowhere chanting Lazio and quickly stabbed one lad in the back of the legs while he was sitting outside with his girlfriend.

SunSport spoke to one witness:

“The boy was sitting outside with his girlfriend and he was stabbed in the back of the leg.

“They came out of nowhere. He was doing nothing wrong.

“They were shouting ‘Lazio’ and had masks on their faces.”

The narrative again being spun is this is a response to Celtic’s anti-facist banners when in reality there is a part of the Lazio fan base who treat this sort of thing as a hobby.

Luckily the two lads are stable in hospital and nothing more serious has emerged as of yet.

We urge Celtic fans heading to Rome today and the supporters already on the ground to be vigilant. There will be buses too and from the stadium this evening and the police and club officials will be in attendance throughout.


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