Celtic SLO, John Paul Taylor has been busy answering questions online all day. He’s the only man at Celtic giving any sort of answers on behalf of the club — it’s his job but more burden has been put on him by the club’s inability to communicate with the fans properly.

One Celtic fan asked about the self isolation period for Celtic players currently stuck in their homes and unavailable to train. Specifically, when that isolation period was due up.

JP delivered an answer of what he ‘believes’ was the case. We have no reason to doubt him at this point and if correct the players will be available from Sunday onwards. Assuming he doesn’t mean two Saturday from now.

It means a game against Livingston with the same sort of squad we had against Hibernian but the away tie against Livi will see a full strength Celtic back.

The league is over and right now it’s damage limitation for a club who had high hopes back in August.


It appears there will be a staggered return depending on when contact was made with the positive case.


  1. Maybe mistakes were made, as I for one know I have made a few in my lifetime(75) , and I am stil throwing my hat in for our team. ! I urge all True Celtic people to get behind the manager and team!!!. There is a hard hill to climb, but covac19 could still hit ibrokes,(funny how it has not) but we will never get the truth out of that place. Two young players took the rap for a party, which WAS attended by other first team players, more so the one who’s birthday it was, but the first team players were ushered out by police and hushed up. Once again our great scribes would it follow up the reports for fear of expulsion from their lodges!.. Orange and free mason, and the same people will not ,and are not allowed to ask too many funny questions over brokers way, for exactly the same reason as before. Hoping covac does not hurt ibrokes players too much but just enough to let them see how it is without senior players. But they have already told lies about covac at ibrokes so we should not be surprised at the liers they are! Hail Hail Bhoys get behind Celtic!!


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