CHRIS SUTTON has used his Daily Reford column to slap down the suggestion that Brendan Rodgers would be a detriment to Harry’s wilson if he came in on-loan.

Reports earlier this week claimed Celtic were looking to bring the 21-year-old in on-loan this season but it was knocked back because Liverpool were allegedly wary of their player going to Parkhead after seeing Musonda’s situation.

Charly came in with a big reputation but he quickly fell out of favour, not showing enough in training to warrant a star – so he didn’t, plain and simple.

Sutton called the notion of Celtic stifling Premier League loan players as ‘utter nonsense’.

“There’s talk of the likes of Harry Wilson from Liverpool coming in, at least there was until it was suggested the Anfield bosses were wary because of what happened to Chelsea’s Charly Musonda last term.

“Utter nonsense. Do they think Rodgers didn’t want to play him?

“The simple reason he wasn’t involved was he wasn’t cutting it.”


  1. It is obvious that these things are started to try and create a negative situation at celtic. The things that have been said, and have happened since celtic started to clean up on the domestic front, are nothing short of shameful and embarrassing.

  2. The Utter Contempt these Parasites have for Celtic is shameful.I recall Rangers in Liquidation cheated Blatantly and not one of these arsewipes states Facts.They All have an Agenda.We are chasing a Treble Treble…..And We are Doing 10 In A Row.No matter what these Clowns Say Or Think.They try to cause Unrest with our players etc..It Aint Happening.Its time they got it into there DeLooDeid Heads,Glasgows Green and White..HfH


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