In a fiery exchange between pundits Chris Sutton and Kris Boyd live on Sky Sports, the debate over Celtic’s strategy post-Champions League exit reached new heights. The back-and-forth, sparked by Celtic’s recent 2-0 defeat to Lazio and a 1-1 draw against Motherwell, centered around the club’s plans for the January transfer window.

Chris Sutton
26th February 2023; Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland: Scottish Viaplay Cup Football Final, Rangers versus Celtic; Ex Celtic striker Chris Sutton

Rangers legend Kris Boyd questioned the need for Celtic to spend heavily in January, citing their domestic dominance. Boyd suggested that Celtic’s current squad is sufficient for Scottish competition, implying that their strategy is to maintain domestic success without significant investment. “Do Celtic just do enough to get past in Scotland?” he asked, pointing out the lack of major investment to compete in Europe.

Chris Sutton, former Celtic striker, vehemently disagreed with Boyd’s assessment. He criticized Boyd’s argument as nonsensical, highlighting the importance of squad building. “Why would Celtic want to build in January? That’s a really strange comment,” Sutton retorted. He underlined Brendan Rodgers’ acknowledgment that the current squad needs bolstering to compete at higher levels.

Boyd’s interruption with a question about summer investments was swiftly countered by Sutton, who agreed that Celtic’s readiness for Champions League football was a key issue. However, Sutton emphasized that the past transfer activities don’t diminish the need for strengthening in January.

Sutton was unrelenting in his criticism of Boyd’s viewpoint. “The point Kris makes about Celtic basically not needing to sign players in January was utterly ridiculous,” he stated. Boyd’s attempt to remind Sutton of Celtic’s summer spending was met with sharp criticism, with Sutton accusing Boyd of talking “absolute nonsense.”

As Boyd tried to justify his stance by referring to Celtic’s eight summer signings, Sutton dismissed his argument as outdated and irrelevant. “That was then, that was the past you fool! Idiot,” Sutton concluded, leaving no doubt about his opinion on Boyd’s stance.

The exchange highlighted the pairs punditry. Kris turns into a defensive gibbering mess when he’s challenged on what he’s saying while Chris remains cool and makes his points without looking flustered. The pair were both working on the Celtic game at McDermid Park where the bhoys are hoping to extend or maintain their lead at the top of the table.


  1. Good ole Kris, and his ‘I went to the gym once, so now I don’t have to’ reasoning. Got his brains from whichever parent couldn’t spell Chris. Total Elmer.


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