In a rather bizarre move, Valencia officials have told Celtic fans they will NOT be welcome into the Mastella with any banner with the word ‘Ultra’ attached to it.

The usual list of things not to bring into the stadium are there, such as Pyro, megaphones, drums etc. However, banning banners that contain the word Ultra is a bit of a strange one.

Valencia have also warned fans not to come to the ground without a ticket or with a ticket to the home end as there will be ID checks at the gate and your ticket must correspond with your ID. The nature of the messages seems to be hostile and treating Celtic fans like kids.

No such warnings are coming out from Celtic for the visiting supporters and common sense prevails on most occasions.

It’s the home tie first before Celtic fans descend on Spain next week. Brendan Rodgers has confidence his team can cause a shock with the Celtic fans behind them but it’s going to be a tough night at Celtic Park.


  1. Nevertheless, it is their home. They have every right to insist on this,
    Forget the pyrotechnics, forget the untrained banners.
    Go and have fun and make friends.


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