SPFL clubs are now hesitant about introducing VAR in Scottish football after the latest meeting revealed the cost of the technology.

Stephen McGowan of the Daily Mail has revealed that VAR would cost clubs £100,000 each year. This is not too much of an issue for a club like Celtic, but for others, this is a fundamental stumbling block.

A vote to decide what to do will take place in the spring. Before then, the SPFL attempts to figure out how to lower the cost. However, it doesn’t look too promising.

The report also backs up Celtic’s stance. McGowan writes that Celtic are ‘pushing hard’ for the technology introduced in Scotland. With decisions going the way they have in recent weeks, it is clear why.

Every fan base is split on the matter, and it should bring more consistency to the game if used correctly. We await the outcome of the spring vote and any developments on the subject. But as things stand, VAR doesn’t seem likely.



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