SCOTT BROWN has always been a combative and competitive footballer during his time at Celtic.

The midfielder has never shirked from a tackle and will never miss an opportunity to wind up an opposing player if he sees an opportunity.

He’s the type of player every fan wants in their team, someone that every other side fans dislike because he’s not only talented but gives you that backbone.

If opposing fans target you on a regular basis, you know you must be doing something right.

But as I said – Brown has been doing this for years, so why exactly is he receiving the most ‘special’ of treatment now from some of his fellow professionals?

That’s three red cards in five games for Celtic’s opposition after a challenge on Scott Brown. Why the uptake on Brown?

The Celtic midfielder seems to be under a bigger spotlight since hapless Hearts boss commented that ‘every’ player in Scottish football deserves protection from Scott Brown after a challenge Brown made on young Harry Cochrane.

It came to a head yesterday when Andrew Davies took leave of his senses and just outright stamped on the Celtic player. Why? You would have to ask the County captain who believed taking an opportunity to assault the Celtic captain took priority over trying to keep the side he captains in the Premiership.

Scott Brown is a good footballer, who, in the last two seasons has become a great footballer under Brendan Rodgers. It comes down to success, yes, Broony can be smug, and he can irritate the opposition, but when you back that up with your actions on the field, and you’re majorly successful doing so, then it can foster the kind of nastiness we saw yesterday.

Broony has shown time and time again that he knows he gives it out so will have to take his fair share of bumps but yesterday was an unacceptable example of what should not be allowed to pass by without comment. In this case, the red card on the day should not be the only punishment handed out to the Ross County captain.

If you can’t beat him, ‘beat him’ seems to be the consensus.


  1. Looks like Andy wants to move to sevco, terrible tackle, even before they outlawed it. Doesn’t even care if Mrs Broonie nearly lost her little sex pinky.
    In one combatant stomp.

  2. Three red cards,as the article states all coming from challenges on Brown,but what’s also sinister,nasty and most of all cowardly about all three,is that the challenges were all made on Brown whilst he was on the ground,although Kipres petulant kick out can’t be compared to the other two.
    One things certain if Brown doesn’t extract some kind of revenge on Davies and Aberdeens Cosgrove,McClean and especially that sneaky rat Logan the next time they take the field against us,then surely one of his team mates does.

  3. the comments on Swallow Swallow about Broony are sickening. Most saying he deserves it and the guys boot should have been on his throat. Glad i’m a decent human being because those lot fucking sicken me

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