File the video below under ‘what were you thinking?’.

The most experienced player in the Celtic side provided the most bizarre way back into the tie for Cluj on the night. While his teammates almost bailed him out we’re sitting looking at the highlight bereft of any ideas as to why he did it.

Celtic has pulled themselves from 1-0 down to 2-1 on the night when Brown batted the ball away hoping the referee would miss it.

Unfortunately, he was caught and Celtic paid the price. The bhoys took the lead again but then Scott Bain fumbling a shot straight into the path of a Cluj player was all she wrote.

So many talking points and places to point the blame. Nobody is covered in glory on a night like Tuesday evening. Player errors, team selection and a lack of ambition from the suits.


    • Jackie…i wouldn’t give Lenny a bean.
      He’s the wrong guy to be at the helm of a club like Celtic.
      Half empty stadium every other week is on the way until that changes.

  1. Mmmmmm. The blokes in the suits got rid of high spending Mon then St Brendan.. NINE a row may even not done, as the Hoops are abismal in midfield and the back. Far too many small blokes doing centrebacks jobs. Even Ayre looked helpless last night.

    Celtic bosses will lick their wounds, and tell Nl no more money until Xmas and get rid of some big drawers on wages.

    The rest isn’t rocket science. Lenny will be next. Look what happened to the team he built on a shoestring. All gone or sold on for profit.

    Beginning to sound familiar.


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