ANGE POSTECOGLOU reacted to an infamous clip of when he was managing in Japan.

While in Yokohama F. Marinos’ dugout, Postecoglou was outraged by a decision made by an on-field official. While the captain was booked, Ange made his opinions on the incident apparent to the Fourth Official.

The referee soon made his way to the side of the pitch in an attempt to resolve the situation. The boss then turned his attention to the ref, ranting to him.

Obviously, there was a language barrier, so Postecoglou had his translator on hand to translate his frustrations. While doing so, Ange’s translator was booked instead of him, have a look at this;

That’s comedy gold! Ange is like a different person when he’s with the Austrailian media, he can let his guard down.

Celtic fans have very rarely seen his humerous side, unless he is dealing with a question from the media. It’s great to see him like that, hopefully Ange will show more of this going forward. Afterall, he in an experienced manager, he must have some good tales.


  1. Same thing when he was on OpenGoal with Si Ferry and Paul Slaney. He let his guard down and had a good laugh with the lads. It was the moment I knew he was the right sort of person to lead our glorious football club.


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