28th August 2022; Tannadice Park, Dundee, Scotland: Scottish Premier League football, Dundee United versus Celtic: Celtic Manager Angelos Postecoglou raises a fist

Ange Postecoglou rarely gets a minute to himself, if he’s not managing his team and taking training he’s either talking to Celtic’s media team, the Scottish MSM, Celtic fan media and Australian sports media.

International break seems like a good time to catch his breath, but no. The Celtic manager never stops and not long after the international break kicked in, Ange was on a flight to Australia to help promote Celtic’s visit to the country in November.

The manager has been doing his media rounds, we’ve listened to five separate interviews he’s done already, mostly touching on the same stuff with Ange giving similar answers.

When talking to ‘The Project’, he was asked what it was like to manage in a Glasgow derby. The Hoops boss then went into talking up the Celtic support and how they feel every victory and every defeat.

The Celtic manager didn’t gloss over the weekend’s loss to St Mirren; mentioning he knows the fans will still be affected by the result during the international break.

“It’s massive, it’s not Crows or port Adelaide, it’s amplified one million times. It’s everything for the people there. Our football club, I keep saying, I don’t really call them supporters, the club is an extension of them, an extension of their family. Their whole year is planned around our fixtures.

“The mood of the week is judged by how the team goes. If you can win the big games and the derby, it just changes their whole world, and you feel that responsibility – I certainly do.

“We had our first loss in a year at the weekend and you know sport will always bring that, but I still feel how bad our supporters will be feeling after that. It’s their passion, it’s their life, it’s exactly where I want to be.”

You can watch the whole interview below.

The phrase ‘he gets it’ is thrown around a lot when it comes to sport. Players and managers doing small things and getting applauded on how much humility they’re showing.

In this case, Ange does get the Celtic support and he does understand the passion involved in the way most Celtic fans live their lives.

Ange and Celtic are a great fit.


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