Celtic fell to a frustrating 2-1 defeat on the night at Tynecastle.

However, had the linesman did his job correctly, Celtic would have gone 2-1 up in the second half. A goal wrongly chopped off by the officials.

It wasn’t the only infuriating decision of the night.

Callum McGregor was almost in full flight when Andy Halliday cynically took the Celtic captain down in the middle of the pitch. Madden in clear view of the incident gives a fouls but laughably no booking.

This isn’t sour grapes, we point out these bizarre decisions after victories. These are worth pointing out because it does give you a flavour of what Scottish referees get up to.

It’s not even a debate, Madden has had a shocker.

Celtic weren’t at their best but they did do enough to take the lead. Unfortunately, the goal was chopped off. A soft foul in the dying minutes given to Hearts allowed them to pile men forward when Scott Bain decided to go for a wander.

It’s a frustrating start to the SPFL campaign and we must get better so idiots like Madden can’t have a profound affect on the outcome.


  1. Forget the referee.
    We had 75% possession in first half yet didnt force Gordon to make a save.
    Old habit of keeping possession without having courage to play a killer pass or take players on.
    Total lack of any leadership on the park, McGregor is not a captain but then again I cant see any other potential leaders which says it all.
    You just knew we were going to lose a late goal just like we all knew we needed around a dozen players signed over the close season but club decided they couldnt be bothered. Absolute shambles

  2. Absolutely shocking decisions tonight as per last season we are 11 against 14 when you take into account the referee and linesmen i don’t care about sour grapes nonsense i just want fairness which will never happen and i want the Celtic manager and board to call out these biased decisions but they are too scared as it looks like they’re looking to blame officials for bad results when in actual fact that’s exactly what is happening, can someone at Celtic please grow a set of balls and come out and complain about these terrible decisions in public

  3. We have two centre halfs who cant defend cross balls , a goalkeeper sorry 3 goalkeepers who cannot defend their own six yard box,and the team does not have a leader.

  4. Well done to the sheeplike fans who listened to the anti-Celtic media.
    We now have a manager who had never even WATCHED a Celtic game in his life before he became boss! What does this clown know about what it really means to be Celtic?
    Frommthe only big club in Scotland to not only no longer a big club, but no longer best in Scotland either. St. Johnstone hold that mantle with two trophies from three.
    But we are heading for a bad spell if we do not kick this guy out and the cancer who is John Kennedy along with him.

    • Joe, are you really a Celtic fan or a circus clown? I rarely write but you’ve riled me up. What do you mean Celtic are no longer a “big club”? Celtic are a “huge” club, one of the world’s biggest. And to call for Ange’s head after a couple of games when the real ” culprits” are the board who’ve given him nothing in the way of preparation is farcical.
      If you’d done your research you’d know that Ange watches more games weekly of full matches than almost any football manager. About 20 as he’s stated.He has watched Celtic many,many times. And as for a poor start how about Strachan start, one of the most embarrassing ever. But then a glorious 3 in a row. Oh ye of little faith!!

    • Are you one of these fans that have only seen victory’s, what happened to win lose or draw, and to ask for the managers head after one game into the season, aye right Joe 🤡.

  5. You guys keep going on about the defence. The main prblem is we cannae score goals what with all the possession,ok to lose a goal or two so long as we score 2 or 3 at the other end,which of course we havent and for quite a while. Hail hail!

  6. 2 games in Europe and 1league game 90 minutes 1 Goal 90 minutes 1 goal 90 mins 1goal
    Gks and cbs will not correct that we need a consistent goal scorer if we
    Solved that problem we would still be in the big cup and top of the league tonight We can upgrade the other positions in the coming weeks

  7. Bottom line is why did Rodgers just get up all of a sudden in feb 2019 and go ?,we should have had piled into decent signings to strengthen right through the team.And the cash is there alright,we would have been out of sight and over the hill and gone ,And to the annoyance of the rest of them now heading for 11 inarow,without a doubt.we could admittedly be heading back to the 90s,oh that was good fun,remember these days.but hey keep the faith guys ,as the song goes ,we’ve done it before and we’ll do it again 🇮🇹💪🍀hail hail.

  8. The ref was at it again if we went 2/1 up then we would have won by 3 or 4 some thing must be done about linesmen and refs in Scotland they must be red carded after video evidence shows they got it wrong a ban of the next 6 games or ban for season if they repeat 3 offside wrong calls that a goal was scored no good the ref saying after the game i got it wrong when they make the wrong call like last night it cost us and it will cost all the other teams…

  9. Make no mistake when the japanese lad starts playing he will be kicked from pillar to post (like Frimpong) and no action from our “honest officials”

  10. This is why they wont have VAR,it would show just how much cheating goes on.This is why very few Scottish refs get to referee outside of Scotland,the rest of the world see what they are like.Only in this bigotted little joke of a country.

  11. Straight leg, studs out. No intension of playing, never mind getting a stud on the ball. Isn’t that a straight red??
    Or have I just missed the latest Fifa directive during the Euros. I rest my case, Maddly is a bald hun cunt, and doesn’t care about his career, as the Sfa hide under their sash covered tables. Anger should remember his own anger and shout the OBITB Cun7s down after GAMES. Whether you win or not. No excuses though.


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