BRENDAN RODGERS praised his side for grabbing a deserved win at Celtic Park against Hibs on Wednesday evening, but he was also very complimentary of Hibs.

The Irishman took a subtle dig at the hammer throwers in our league who think the best thing to do is defend and be robust at all points of a game. Rather than be expressive and have a go, most teams sit in against Celtic and hope for the best. Most of the time they lose anyway.

Hibs got in the faces of the Celtic players and did well to press. They were undone by some great football. The bhoys really had to earn the result.

Speaking after the game, Brendan Rodgers said the league would be a better place if other sides played like Hibs.

It’s little comfort to Nick Montgomery and his side after losing four goals, but they were positive and wanted to make things happen.

We have a feeling it will be back to the status quote when we take on Kilmarnock on Sunday.


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