Celtic Fans saw the funny side of the two young pitch invaders at Celtic Park on Thursday evening, especially with bumbling stewards trying to get a hold of them.

However, it’s unlikely UEFA will see the funny side of it and the match delegate will have already made note of the incident to report back to the European football governing body.

The hoops are likely to be hit with a charge for this one and a fine will most definitely follow.

Celtic landed €630k for a win against Real Betis and any fine is likely to be nominal.

A mixture of over exuberance from these two young fans and poor stewarding led to the incident. Celtic will have to take their lumps in the coming weeks when UEFA come knocking.

The game ended 3-2 on the night at Celtic Park with two second string teams fighting it out in what was billed a dead rubber.

Celtic now drop into the Conference league.


  1. Give the wee chap a U13 contract, he should’ve just ran back into the crowd. Should give up the fags and tea cakes though. They’re slowing him down.


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