Celtic came up against a resolute Livi today at Paradise, their goalkeeper probably leaves Celtic Park with a man of the match performance though.

Celtic have become famous under Lennon for winning late. It was really really late today when the easiest chance of the game fell to Oliver Burke with an open goal from four yards out but…


  1. Only way to unlock a team of eleven goal defenders is………… Buy two good top quality consistant wingers nor rely on wingbacks. Oily burke isn’t to blame, at least he followed the baw in.

    So he missed and put the baw threw a slugs foot.

    Win as a team, great, drop two points at home tae eleven defenders. SHI7E 💩 💩 💩 💩💩💩 See what happens after the break. As even more abismal away defending from, hit you on the break teams with nothing to win or play for.

  2. Lennon is simply not good enough to manage Celtic he never has a plan B
    Wer Brendon always had and it pains me to say that
    So all we can hope for now is to hope the board have a plan B cos we are going to need it pronto.


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