MANNY PEREZ looks to have completed the road to recovery with the player coming in for his loan club North Carolina and making a phenomenal run to the byline for an assist which went down as an own goal.

The player was left bitterly disappointed this summer when his injury stopped him from training with Celtic during pre-season and playing in some friendlies.

Andrew Gutman, the other American Celtic have on their books came over and got some game time.

Perez has been working hard to get back on the field and he made up for lost time!

Perez plays right-back and appears to be in the same boat as Andrew Gutman. Work permit issues could be a problem for both players until they start earning caps for their country.

The next step for Perez would be to join Gutman in the MLS with Andrew making the move to Cincinnati on loan this summer.

North Carolina won 4-2 against Tampa Bay thanks to help from Perez.


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