In a dramatic turn of events, another Celtic ultra group, known as the ‘Bhoys’, staged a walkout shortly after kick-off during the recent match against St Mirren. This protest comes in the wake of the suspension of the Green Brigade’s season tickets, highlighting the escalating tensions between the club’s management some supporters.

As the whistle blew to commence the match, the atmosphere in Celtic Park was subdued. Just moments into the game, the ‘Bhoys’, stood up in unison and made their way towards the exits. Their departure left a noticeable void in the stands.

The ‘Bhoys’ walkout was then explained on their social media page.

While the exact reasons for the Green Brigade’s suspension have been outlined by the club, many supporters feel that the decision was heavy-handed and that dialogue and understanding could have been a more constructive approach.

The walkout by the ‘Bhoys’ underscores the delicate balance that football clubs must maintain between ensuring safety and upholding regulations, and recognising the passion and commitment of their most ardent supporters. As tensions rise, the Celtic fanbase will be keenly watching how the club navigates this challenging situation.

The bhoys also displayed a banner aimed at Police Scotland.


  1. These groups are not Celtic fans, get rid of the lit of them.
    No place at Celtic for the trouble makers who are the real issue, even though the board has issues.
    The Board should have set the standard a long time ago, they are at fault for not dealing with this sooner.

  2. They’re right in what they’re doing. The boards decision to suspend gb was bollox. It was about the Palestinian flags & UEFA fines. But I hate how they hid behind other bs reasons. Gotta loathe the double standards tho. Ukrainian flags ✅ Irish flags✅ Palestinian flags ❌ why? Smfh. Hoping to see gb suspension cancelled soon. Dead atmosphere, shit without them

    • Rubbish. The GB raised a banner in support of a terrorist group mere hours after 1400 innocent men, women and children were murdered. That banner was not about the people of palestine – “Victory to the resistance”….who murdered babies, raped women, tortured, beheaded innocent civilians while screaming “Allahu Akbar”. Killed entire families. Kidnapped 200 ppl and held them hostage.

      Flying the flag of a recognised terrorist group at the Athletico Madrid game? The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and its militant wing (Abu Ali Mustapha Brigades) are terrorist scum who want to wipe Israel off the map and have been involved in plane hijackings, assassinations, suicide bombings, and the likes of the November 2014 Jerusalem synagogue massacre in which four Jewish worshippers and a policeman were killed with axes, knives, and a gun.

      Illegally using flares and pyrotechnics

      Disturbances at away venues? 

      Breaking into celtic park and allowing their scummy mates in by opening fire escapes

      Costing the club hundreds of thousands in fines by UEFA

      Risking part closure of the stadium

      Overcrowding an area within celtic park, with their mates coming from other parts of the stadium making it dangerous

      Forcing their extremist nonsense on celtic and shaming the club

      “But they do charity work” to deflect away from the fact they have cost the club more fines and censure from UEFA.

      BUT BUT BUT….but NOTHING. Get these clowns away from celtic park and stick their whataboutery right up their self important ars*s

    • Naw its shit WITH them.
      Brilliant at the game tonight not having to listen to the usual IRA crap and the dickheads with the drum & megaphone.
      Plenty on the waiting list to replace the attention seekers who have no interest in Celtic whatsoever.

      • Well said this should have happened years ago think of all the fines caused by these arse holes.
        Many waiting to take their seats
        Hail hail


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