LEWIS CAPALDI was playing at a sold-out Hydro on Tuesday night, with several Celtic stars in the audience for the gig.

The singer is a Celtic fan, he doesn’t keep it a secret, but he doesn’t make a song and dance about it either like Rod Stewart does. He’s filmed part of the Celtic song and sang along to it on his Instagram story once, as well as proclaiming “Glasgow’s green and white” on Italian TV.

During the gig, Lewis Capaldi took to the piano and started playing the tune of “The Celtic Song”, also known as “For It’s a Grand Auld Team”, on his piano, with the audience joining in with the words.

Caution – Strong Language.

He burst into hysterics, admitting he wasn’t playing the piano and it was just for show, while someone backstage played the keys.

He jokingly remarked that he’d be sacking the pianist on Wednesday.

Just when you thought Lewis Capaldi couldn’t get any more likeable!


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