STEVEN GERRARD refused to say Celtic’s name in his post-match interview last night when he conceded THEY’RE in the driving seat when it comes to the title push.

The Ibrox manager also referred to the Celtic team as ‘other people’ when referring to the club being relentless at the moment. He genuinely couldn’t or wouldn’t say Celtic’s name for whatever reason live on BT.

The relentless comment referring to Celtic’s utter dominance since coming back from the winter break off a defeat to The Rangers.

Before a ball was kicked in 2020, Celtic were top of the league but Gers were only two points behind with a game in hand. Their capitulation is so sweet considering the noises made by the usual suspects after the Glasgow Derby clash at the end of 2019.

Celtic now go to Aberdeen on Sunday knowing what they need to do. Keep the momentum going and hammer home their advantage in the coming days. Hopefully Steven will remember our name when all is said and done.


  1. Lets ram this home and do not give a inch all hands to the pumps every man counted and ready to do a job nothing is won yet,lets not think it is more hard work to do if you want to become legends….

    lets do this Celtic…

  2. Slippy will pay for his attitude. It’s the letter C he has a problem with. C = Chelsea, C = Celtic. Your now’t but a wee runt Slippy. Big shot from Liverpool, naw, a failure again in his second season. Look at his team.
    Mc Greegors – Mentally deranged runs half the pitch to abuse the Ref
    Kent – a one trick pony, did you see his face when Killie scored?
    Tavenier – Canny defend, Oh I forgot, sevco are so good they dont need defenders
    Halliday – Govan ned wants to fight, then runs away behind the other duds. Useless entity
    Jack – was he playing last night, looked invisible to me. even on his game he’s sh1t
    Goldson – just a blooter of the ball, like Katlik, goes to sleep when not on the ball
    Katlik – a born penalty box diver, canny defend, too busy thinking he’s brilliant

    All a bucket of pish


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