DAVID Turnbull is quickly becoming Celtic’s MVP.

The midfielder’s set pieces have been a game-changer in the last two games for the bhoys and he finds himself on the assist sheet for the second game running.

Shane Duffy with a brilliant header to put the bhoys 2-0 up but the cross again was just superb.

Celtic have been missing someone who can really get the bhoys among the goals and make us a real threat from corners and long range free kicks.

Celtic are 2-0 up and great value for their lead, it should be 4 or 5.

As soon as the first goal went in, the bhoys started playing with some confidence and when this second went in, they again looked to gain more confidence.

We need to build on this game today and make sure we can be at our best until the new year, if we can keep in touch with the top of the table, we can at least exert pressure.


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