There’s not much amusement you can take from a 5-1 defeat, but if we could point out one thing that might lift your spirits after the game, it’s the Celtic fans that who made themselves known in the home end as Jota scored.

The stunning strike from Jota was merely a consolation prize, but it was a moment Celtic fans could at least celebrate. The number of supports in Madrid today topped 10,000 for sure. There was only a small away allocation, so Hoops fans had to get creative to get inside the ground.

If you want to know how successful they are, watch the crowd behind the goal when Jota scores his free-kick.

Real Madrid went out their way to try and lock Celtic fans out of the home end. Setting up all sorts of obstacles to them finding a way into the ground. The persistence of Celtic fans to see their team, even in a game that is deemed a ‘dead rubber’, is like nothing else.

Wha a goal from Jota and as one fan pointed out leaving the stadium this evening, at least they’ve seen a Celtic goal in the Bernabeu.


  1. We lost 5-1, yet another spanking as we finish bottom of the group.
    Why the after- match sing-song in the stadium?
    Does the result not matter anymore, we’ll be like the tartan army and become famous for partying cos we dont care about the fitba?


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