We’re all waiting to hear the latest on Stephen Welsh’s fitness after the player was injured during the 4-0 win against St Mirren.

The defender left the ground with a boot and crutches on Wednesday night with the club looking to assess the damage today.

Taking a closer look at the incident, it just doesn’t look good. Welsh’s ankle bends very awkwardly after studs were placed on the ankle by Obika.

Have a look at it again.

Welsh was just starting to get a run of games, and as we await the prognosis, there’s virtually no chance of the youngster being able to play on Sunday against St Johnstone.

If we hadn’t had bad luck this season we would have no luck at all. Christopher Jullien colliding with the post in a freak accident, all but ending his season, not getting a centre-back in when Liverpool swooped in to bring in Davies and then Welsh coming down with an injury.

The sooner this season is over, the better!


  1. Painful, ball was away. The lunge from the side, was’nt that banned. Long suspension coming someone’s way. Along with all the ‘off the ball’ incidents. Time for VAR.

  2. That’s not football. from the minute you walk on the pitch you are manhandled, grabbed, groped even, and pushed off the ball. No wonder there are no wingers. Where’s the football. The refs allow anything. Take the throw-in from where you like, so he caught you after the ball is yards away. Sick and tired of players injured, Last week it was that thug Power screaming at Eddie after it clearly shows he fouled Eddie in the box.
    Every week it’s the same, we don’t play other footballers, they’re yobs with footie boots. We are playing rugby with the yobs.

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