There have been reports on social media overnight that hooligans in Rome have targeted bars and restaurants hoping to mix it up with Celtic supporters.

The bhoys play Lazio in the Europa League on Thursday evening with a large Celtic contingent over for the game. However, Italy and Lazio have a real problem with violence and football and tonight it looks like it could have rested its ugly head.

Celtic fan Kevin McGuire is in Rome and posted the following video of hooded thugs trying to get into a bar to attack with the staff very quickly stopping them from getting in.

There was no Celtic colours in the bar but it was targeted anyway.

Some in the Scottish media played a very dangerous game this week trying to pin the blame on the Celtic support if violence erupted in Rome when anti fascist banners were displayed at Celtic Park in the meeting between the two sides last month.

Absolutely ridiculous stance by some and completely without merit when these thugs were always going to target the away support like they’ve done before.

We urge the Celtic support to stay safe and be vigilant while in Rome.


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