After watching his client be attacked doing his job again last night, Neil Lennon’s agent went on the offensive and made everyone know in no uncertain terms why Neil Lennon has been subject to some of the vilest abuse since coming up to Scotland in 2000.

Since the Irishman signed for Celtic he has been subject to death threats, street attacks, attacks on the field and bullets in the post just to name a few.

Martin Reilly spoke to Superscoreboard after the latest incident which seen the Hibs boss be hit with a coin on the touchline at Tynecastle.

Neil Lennon receives sustained abuse from the stands in many stadiums in Scotland and the minute he gives anything back in the way of a wind up he is told he brings it on himself.

These people are apologists for the ‘fans’ who want to turn things violent.

Neil Lennon is a man doing his job and as his agent says, much of it has stemmed from the fact he’s an Irish Catholic Celtic man.


  1. Time to call time on this aged pish. No matter who you are, your slant on religeon, your sexual views. The people who permit this, are as much to blame by saying ‘ no not us only a small minority are to blame’. Shi7e, one supporter is one too many.


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