Every Celtic win nowadays seems to get forensic analysis from pundits and ex-pros as they try to discredit why Celtic shouldn’t have won, or got a goal, or had a man sent off etc.

Since the Hoops went top, we’ve seen this go into overdrive with so many incidents being picked over.

It’s frustrating – because when decisions go against Celtic – we’re told a lot of the time these things even out over a season and it’s no big deal.

The uproar about Celtic’s goals and if they should have stood were already being dissected by Sky Sports – then online and after that on Sportscene.

However, there was one flash point nobody seems to want to talk about.

We wouldn’t even bother bringing up – but if people want to talk about game changing events and create a narrative referees are helping Celtic. Just look at the clip below.

Tom Rogic was blatantly brought down in front of the referee on Sunday – by a player who was already on a yellow. Omeonga doesn’t get the ball, trips the Celtic star and has clearly committed a foul and in most peoples books – a bookable offence.

The referee doesn’t even stop play. At that moment – early in the second half – Livi should’ve been down to ten men. This incident wasn’t discussed at all.


  1. Celtic don’t need Var anymore than any other team. But fuc& the Sfa should get it done. As the guidance they give their referees is shi7e.
    Or do they do really not need to open that can of worms. Yes they need too.


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