LAST NIGHT Sweden shocked the football world and knocked Italy out of next summer’s World Cup.

Not many gave Sweden a chance when the playoff draw was made but Lustig who only played the second leg due to suspension and his teammates defied the odds to go through 1-0 on aggregate.

Mikael Lustig will now be in Russia with his country at the end of this season and you can tell he’s already excited- check out the whole Sweden’s team reaction and just wait for Lustig’s.



  1. I know it is selfish but the fewer of our players who play in this tournament the better. I prefer for celtic players to be preparing for the CL qualifiers not playing games with their country. As I say i am selfish but it is not only Celtic first it is Celtic only for me. I have never had any interest in International football and cannot recall the last time I watched any of it. I like Lustig but he is reaching the end of his time at Celtic. He has been extremely poor in a number of big games but has actually improved recently. he was excellent at Aberdeen but I feel he will be replaced, gradually, over the next year or so. Hopefully Ralston can step up even in a fraction of the way KT has.

  2. Yeah let’s rob our players of the chance to represent their nation on the world Stage.The most Celts that represent their country in the World Cup the better it enhances our reputation, the boys deserve the chance on such a huge stage


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