There always comes a point in the season where there seems to be more flashpoints than ever.

We don’t know if it’s fatigue, lack of awareness or just downright lazy refereeing but the men in black are leaving the SFA with a lot to do during the week when it comes to dealing with things on the pitch.

The flashpoint on Saturday was incredible. Ismaila Soro was subject to what can only be described as a spinning heel kick by Devante Cole, the referee seemingly saw the incident and decided to only brandish a yellow.

It’s a clear red card and violent conduct by the Motherwell player. Considering Motherwell came so close to grabbing a point in the end, the decision not to send Cole off could have cost Celtic big time.

The SFA must surely look at this and upgrade the yellow to a red. The referee can’t be happy with his decision after watching it back.


  1. Refs should have to pass a hazard awareness test, like most of the public when they take a test to drive any motorised vehicle on the roads.
    I would say shocking refereeing standards. This tackle would be even raised eyebrows in the 20’s-80’s.luckily no permanent damage done. Still a instant red card, for petolent play. Even the linesman saw that. The ref is a balloon. Celtic tops must be armoured or something. It wouldn’t be out of place in Wwf.


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