The outcry, meltdowns and SFA officials coming out the woodwork to discuss a marginal goal decision for Celtic, against Hearts on Thursday has been nauseating, but not surprising.

Celtic have had countless big decisions against them and nobody in the media bats an eyelid, Celtic fans are told to pipe down. When we get a favourable decision, the world seems to stop.

The crusade in the media is a purposeful effort to put pressure on referees to not give Celtic the benefit of the doubt and ultimately cost Celtic more decisions that should be going our way.

Celtic soundly beat Dundee Utd today, but when it was a 2-0, the home side should have gone down to 10 men. Butcher goes in studs up on David Turnbull but doesn’t see red.

It’s an incredible decision by the referee, but a flashpoint we doubt will get much air time when the game is talked about. They’ll still likely be discussing Kyogo’s goal from Thursday.


  1. Butcher is a THUG with football boots. Straight Red, but as usual Robertson bottles it, doesnt he always, cr@p referee and a NLRA candiate for plonker of the season. Butcher has a string of suspensions for thuggery, not fit for use, get rid of him and others who play in a similar mode, no mercy for the “anti football” brigade.


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