CHRIS SUTTON has given his opinion in the Neil Lennon situation after the Hibs boss spoke of quitting Scottish football after the latest sorry episode in Scottish football.

The former Celtic boss was struck by a pound coin and had to receive treatment on the touch line at Tynecastle.

Not only that but graffiti 100 yards from Hearts ground had the words ‘Hang Neil Lennon’.

Instead of rallying around the Easter Road boss, many have tried to condemn his actions as a coach and make the excuse he brings it on himself.

This has seen a very real and personal reaction from his former teammate Chris Sutton who has made it clear on no uncertain terms his pal Neil is a victim of sectarian and racial abuse.

Sutton used his platform as a BT pundit to fill the whole of the UK audience what the Irishman is having to put up with as he tries to do his job.


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