We usually have to wait until the early hours of the next morning for the highlights of the Celtic game with the backdrop of commentator Tom giving us his expert analysis.

However, we are lucky enough today that someone has got them up early!

Well, minus the first goal – but we’ll forgive him.

Thursday Flagship Podcast w/ Gianni Capaldi

We’ve had some famous quotes – ‘What’s the goalie daein’ Tom?’, ‘Five’, ‘Oh my goodness’.




  1. St Brendan here for eleven in a row. Unless the cun7s at the Sfa change the league to stop him and Celtic. To assist the other five runner up.HWGFADT.

  2. I know i am a grumpy auld so and so but I was actaully a little disappointed at the end. I really though we would score 7 at least. If we were able to keep up the level of the first 20 minutes we might have scored 10. I don’t reckon we will get a better opportunity to set records against them. They simply can’t get any worse than that surely?

    • Next week if we rest few for the cup final you’ll be shouting for Brendans head again.
      3 games in 3 years
      It’s time to sell-a-brit
      Hail Hail

  3. I believe that we should all stay calm, certainly bask in the glory of defeating the tribute act 5-0, but let us not lose sight of the fact this was not rangers, but simply a very poor team masquerading as them.

  4. Its nauseating when We get labelled,Old Firm in the same sentence as that Rancid Club.Sevco are not Rangers.We have our History Unbroken and the Finest Support the World Over.Edouard Ntcham Rogic McGregor Brown to name but a few oh and KT,;)Is Stevie G still wanting the Job at ¬£broke.!….He is going to need a Few Miracles to drag that Mob up to our Standard…HfH long may they Suffer.


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