Celtic sent out Ewan Otoo on loan pretty late in the day this season but the Celtic defender is making the most of his opportunity for first team football.

He has proven to be a valuable asset for his loan side and on Thursday against Forfar, he even made a fantastic assist.

Celtic kid Ewan Otoo is 'years ahead' says Clyde boss Danny Lennon - Daily  Record

The young Celtic hopeful plays at centre back for the Hoops but has played all his games for Clyde on the left hand side either at left-back or left midfield in one game.

There is definitely a lot of talent there and it’s great to see Ewan getting his head down and being humble.

Clyde boss Danny Lennon praised the Celtic youngster for being ‘years ahead’ just a few weeks ago.

He said: “Ewan is a young boy with fantastic energy, he’s trying to make his mark in the game at that level, so he will certainly get the experience of that.” Lennon told RECORDSPORT.

“Like anything, I believe when you’re given that access, the more that you go and play at that level, the quicker these boys learn.

“What he does have is a terrific attitude, for a very young boy he’s years ahead in terms of maturation, and is a very strong, powerful boy.”

It’s obviously going to be up to any new management setup to decide what happens next in Ewan’s development, he might not be ready to be part of the full-time, first-team squad, a full year out on loan next season could put him in a good position to make the breakthrough the season after next.

If I was in charge at Celtic I would be looking to get this bhoy out into an SPFL team if there’s interest. We have seen this kind of loan can work if the talent is there.


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