There is an element of society these days that just want to offend at all costs. This is not just football’s problem, but these people use football as the vehicle to drive home their insane urge to incite anger.

I’m not going to upset Aberdeen fans by calling these two idiots Dons supporters because I don’t feel they represent the Aberdeen support as a whole. However, they’re increasingly having to share their stands with idiots like the two below. I’m aware that this image is from last season but the very fact that it exists is remarkable.

Not only are they ripping off a vile Sevco banner, but they are also making light of a subject that is such a horrendous and repugnant crime, the very notion it’s brought up as some sort of sick point scoring shows you these people’s mentality.

It’s a contest to see who can be the vilest and these people need to be called out. J

This isn’t confined to the north, we know that, but it seems to become more acceptable – so much so one of these guys doesn’t even attempt to hide his face while holding such a distasteful banner.

It doesn’t help when we see a moron like Joey Barton spearheading such attacks on a support, vindicating the morons at every turn.

The idea behind it is very simple, the teams they claim to support can’t lay a glove on Celtic, so they have to go above and beyond, barking from the gutter in an attempt to make themselves feel better.

‘They might get ten in a row Billy, but at least we’re no paedos’. An actual quote this writer has heard first hand after a recent Glasgow Derby.

With the systemic institutionalised abuse which is coming to light on a daily basis, the very notion this can be used as banter or for faux outrage to get at a club you don’t like is embarrassing.

It’s quite remarkable how bad it has gotten because how good Celtic have become domestically. The more Celtic win, the more they will try to get at you, but the more we win, the more we REALLY get to them.




  1. Simply ignore it all. It can hardly be a shock to find out brain dead scumbags attend football games. It is one of the most off-putting things about attending. Getting stuck next to some half cut clown who is given license to spew whatever half baked garbage comes into his thick skull because he is in a football ground. I suppose it is better doing it in a controlled environment than them going out and subjecting the general public to their nonsense. Maybe it is a safety valve.

  2. Going to football is All About The Occassion,Backing your Club,No matter what!!These parasites who use child abuse as some way of point scoring,like one up manship.Shows you just how despicable some so called fans way of thinking is just Disgusting.It doesnt belong at Football.Sad Sad Idiots.There Mentality knows no depths of sadness.

  3. Ignore it all.
    It is all part of the anti-Irish racism that abounds.
    Most of the time they hide it, but then they just can’t help themselves.
    These people are not in control of themselves and deserve to be ignored.

  4. Can anyone clarify what ” the lights are back on. We’re coming for you”, as shown in the Pittodrie shot at the start of the article, actually means”.

  5. Don’t let it upset you these same people support the murder of babies in this country.killing children doesn’t seem to bother them,pray for them.

  6. James Forrest did a piece on this yesterday over on the Celtic blog. It’s a joke that these scumbags feel the need to bring this kind of shite up to score points but diz them no good anyway as we just rise above it all. HH

  7. Can anyone clarify what ” the lights are back on. We’re coming for you”, as shown in the Pittodrie shot at the start of the article, actually means”. Would appreciate a response. have been trying to post this message since the back of 15.00 system keeps telling me its a duplicate message DuHHHHH

  8. Trying to take the focus off what they are famous for, well you know trapped in after a long winter, not too many available women, these guys have got the message the wrong way round. diversive tactics me thinks. 61 undefeated ??

  9. I’ve never seen two guys that lokk more like sheep men than them, tiny empty heads, nothing upstairs or downstairs (if you get my jestJ Dofo Sheep Men – They ? their ???

  10. Tit for Tat. Surely if we throw references back at them re their sexual preferences then we are jus perpetuating the abuse !! We have to be better than that. It is the same with the songs we sing , we have a fabiulous choice of songs that will not give the people the ability to drag us down to their disposable level.

  11. It really pisses me off how dare they call me a Peado they don’t know me and I don’t wish to know them
    However do they know the person sitting/standing next to them could very well be a peado so look closer to home before spilling your abuse


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