Celtic lost to a well organised and well fired up Hearts side today.

While you can be fired up and ready to do anything for your team’s cause it certainly does not excuse the action of Stevie Naismith today as he went about his business.

Diving early on to try and cheat for a penalty followed by kicking out at Jonny Hayes before hanging over the Celtic player when he was down with what looked to be a serious injury – giving him abuse then continuing to whinge about it when the player was receiving treatment.

To act that way towards another professional is quite despicable and he should be pulled up for doing so.

This is not sour grapes as on the day Hearts deserved their win, they really did. Celtic looked out of ideas and bereft of confidence at times.

Of course Hearts fans will pump their fists at this kind of vile behaviour but it should not be condoned in the modern game.

I won’t hold my breath for anybody at the SPFL doing anything.


  1. Hard but fair doesn’t rub in todays fitbaw climate. Its the almost twentith year if this century. Not the last one. Refs please come down on these cheating/shin kicking pric&’s.

  2. But Hendry shared a wee joke with him after the incident with Hayes only to get humiliated later on by the same wee shite after making a poor attempt at a tackle that could have sent out a message.Manager could also make better comments.He was given an open door re naismith kick and shat it.Not good enough.

  3. Forget Europe. The domestic title must take precedence. The two Tynecastle games confirm that we need a couple of enforcers to sort out the likes of Laugherty and Naeuse Broonie was posted missing today as were at least half in hoops on the pitch of including Sinclair Forrest and McGregor. Jozo nor Hendry are Celtic class. The recent events confirm we have a dearth of effective defenders. If anyone comes in with cash offers for Jozo or Dudprick then we should move them out and start again. Why are we persisting with the chuckle vision nonsense at the back when we don’t have the players capable of making one pass to a team mate. Play the game in the opposition penalty box not your own.

  4. Bunch o hatchet men, Naismith is a horrible tramp but we couldn’t stand up to them and got what we deserved,Hearts keeper had nothing to do….Hayes not good enough,Kouassi poor and as for Gordon’s distribution 🤔…..Rodgers doesn’t look happy at the moment and I pray that we can sneak a result on Tuesday ⚽☘️🙏

  5. The SFA by their stupidness of last week gave every feckin scumbag licence to kick anything and everyone they want
    Nawuse is a feckin disgrace
    Never ever seen him do anything like that against sevco
    We never looked like getting going

  6. Knew Beaton would sh*t himself from sending anyone off, Lafferty should’ve gone after his challenge on Lustig I think it was with the studs up, and as for Naismith, I always thought you got a yellow card for simulation especially when you appeal for a penalty. The main reason we got beat today is down to our own board and Manager, the board for not getting good enough signings in and Rodgers for once again only playing one striker and an under strength team.


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