CHRIS SUTTON felt vindicated on Wednesday night when it was Scott Brown of all people to score Celtic’s dramatic late winner. Earlier this week, the former Celtic striker took part in a conversation with Keith Jackson and Alex Rae on who the most influential players in the country were.

Edouard and Morelos were one and two with Alex Rae obviously going for Morelos. However, Chris Sutton broke from the script and said there’s only one man who can be designated the most influential player in a Scottish football – Scott Brown.

The BT pundit states his fitness, work rate, influence on his teammates are all reasons why Brown can’t be touched. This was met by surprise by both Jackson and Rae, it’s great timing by Brown in that regard. Sutton made sure to mention it.

You can watch the whole conversation here.

Broony didn’t need to score the winning goal for this to be right, it was just another timely reminder.


  1. Love the celts to bits but jesus christ Chris Sutton always has to get a say in ya don’t hear big harts on or Larsson trying to use Celtics name for fame fs Chris ur days off playing are long gone let the proper boys do there work


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