Champions League winner and soon to be Premier League champion Virgil van Dijk took part in a social media Q&A directly with fans on Tuesday.

A lot of footballers are engaging more with their supporters because of the shutdown. With everybody in lockdown, the boredom can get to you and if there’s a way to stimulate your mind in these times, it’s advisable.

It was Paul the Tim who managed to land an answer from a Celtic question on Twitter, the well-travelled Celtic fan asking Virgil who was the best player he played with at Celtic.

The answer might just surprise you!

Virgil played with some top stars during his time with the club but he has probably gave Stefan a big shoutout because the pair remain friends to this day.

Here is Virgil, Stefan and Nir Bitton last summer, enjoying some down time with each other and their families.

Virgil made his mark at Celtic, with many supporters not surprised at how well the Dutchman has done since leaving Celtic.


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