Ronny Deila gave us a glimpse into his time at Celtic yesterday with some very honest and personal admissions by the Norweigan.

Ronny spoke of the anxiety that eventually overcame him with the pressure of managing Celtic and everything that comes with that. There was no doubt Ronny looked somewhat of a broken man in the latter part of his tenure. The media hounds and fickle fan baying for blood at every opportunity while he tried to do the best for our club.

In the wake of the Hampden defeat a weight was taken off his shoulders as he and the club came to an amicable parting of the ways but not before he wrapped up five in a row for the club. An acceptance from the majority of the fans that Ronny Deila deserved to see it through, and he did.

Now I know there are some over the top people who like to mourn Ronny’s absence still to this day like you would an ex-girlfriend after a long relationship. This practice rubs some the wrong way – having participated in this ourselves as a site we can confirm it was more for banter than anything else but if you want to hear a bad word about Ronny in general, you won’t here it from me!

I understand he ultimately wasn’t up to the job, I understand it was the correct decision for the club and Deila to part ways but what I can’t understand is some of the vicious personal attacks he gets from a minority of Celtic fans just because he couldn’t win more silverware.

Ronny might have struggled to relay his philosophy’s onto the team but he gave everything he could to the job. There are no doubts in my mind that the Norweigan deeply cared and still does about the performance of the team. This confirmed to me yesterday when he candidly spoke of the personal torment he went through. So to see people still personally attack him on social media is a bit galling and unnecessary.

That’s why i was personally disappointed at one particular article coming from a Celtic blog today that basically took a dig at Ronny for his admissions and which prompted this defence of the man.

Thankfully, most of the time, when we post up anything about Ronny it’s greeted with warmth from the majority of support or a simple “Great guy, but the Celtic job was too big” or we even have people shouting at us if we were having some banter at his expense – like we do with just about everyone.

So Ronny, it didn’t work out but like I said in the summer when you left. If we manage to get to that elusive ten, you can’t get there without four and five…

Viva La Ronny Deila!



  1. Well said. I think when Celtic appointed Ronny he had the potential to be a success but perhaps the job came too early in his career. I hope he succeeds at another club, and the record books will always show that in his two seasons here he won two titles.

  2. Yes I agree, Ronnie gave his all to the Club and with limited finances he won 2 titles. His choices at times done him in, he seemed to play Ambrose a lot but then so did Lennon and lets face it Efie sold a lot of goals over the past 2/3 years!!! Another thing that did not help him was his countryman Stephan Johansen, who was player of the year and a fantastic player and then his last year at the club he was only a shadow of his former self. I really thought with his forward passing and the goals he got he could have been one of the great Celtic mid field players. But his form was pathetic laterly, how does an international player drop to that level all of a sudden??
    We could certainly do with a midfield player like him when he played at his best, his defence splitting passes and he scored some great goals, he made the team tick that year.

  3. Very well put. A good man, possibly too early in a job like that. Wish him all the best for the future. And some Celtic fans need to grow up – personal attacks don’t win trophies either!

  4. Totally agree you could say he wasn’t given the same opportunity or freedom compared to no just Brendan but also previous managers but… The bottom line is I still don’t think he has the same capabilities as Martin O’Neill or Brendan. For his time and effort still part of the family

  5. Well said. Ronnie tried his best but the weight of the job was just too much.
    Some fans and should I say, some players, should take a long hard look at themselves over his treatment.
    He was and is a thoroughly decent and humble man and I wish him and his family good health for the future.
    Hail Hail, Ronnie.

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