MARK WARBURTON was hounded by the Scottish Press from time to time and often complained about the quality of the tabloids writing the headlines.

Taking to the Graeme Spiers Podcast – Press Box – he went into further detail and claimed a former Celtic star had not been picked up by the press for something he had been.

Without name-checking the player, the former Ibrox box said;

“You’re far better biting your tongue, letting things calm down.

“There was someone, I won’t even name the individual, ex Celtic player, who wrote some derogatory comments.

“Now I could have come back and absolutely destroyed him in the press, in terms of his private life and everything else.

“Why would allow myself to do that?

“Now had I done it, it would have been pages and journalists would have loved it.

“There’s no point. There’s absolutely no point doing that.

“So you just bite your tongue, take the stick for the twenty four hours, and it moves on to the next story.”

The player in question had written some derogatory terms and had not come under the same scrutiny as the theRangers boss, something completely unfair.

It will be interesting to see if this story develops, with the possibility of the player’s name being revealed – although some fans may have an idea of who it could be.

However, these comments should be taken seriously, and just like other businesses and employers, Celtic should not employ anyone who uses derogatory slurs.


  1. Grimy game Warblers is playing. Blackmail? “Derogatory slurs”, and what are you doing simpleton. You are doing what you are critisising someone else for.
    Time the manky mob and their iffy mates down south, were told to SHUT UP!

  2. How did warbo n davie kweer get on with their legal case against the rangers newco for unfair dismissal… lot of tumbleweed since those tossers claimed they were sacked and doive kingy said they Resigned….


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